Mathesis Introduction to Flask Web Application Development (Free)

This web development course with Flask is aimed at people who want to easily and quickly create more than just static web pages.

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Taking advantage of the modern technologies of the internet and the possibilities offered by Flask, the Python language, databases and other very useful modern tools that we will use during our lesson, we will create a fully functional web application and we will study all the technologies necessary for its creation. By completing the course you will be able to build your own web applications and understand the technologies and tools behind them.

The course first includes some theoretical topics related to internet technologies and protocols that we need to know in order to proceed to the practical part of creating web applications. In addition, there are some useful tools that will help you organize your work but also save time and move forward with more ease in the development of your work. You will also learn how to create simple applications with Flask with minimal code and use the various tools. In the last part of the course you will create your web application.

The total effort to complete the course is 60 hours and a first contact with the languages ​​is necessary Python, HTML and (to a lesser extent) CSS.

Of course there are many things about the development and use of a web application that will not be covered in the narrow confines of the course, such as deploying the application to a production server, creating an API (eg a REST API ) with Flask, the creation of Asynchronous Tasks, etc .; these topics are material for a more advanced course. However, you will reach a good enough level of knowledge, so that by completing the course you will have acquired the necessary skills to proceed, if you want, to more advanced levels in the development of internet applications.


Dimitris Angelakis
Dimitris Angelakis has been collaborating with University Publications since 2015 and deals with the programming and technical support of the Mathesis platform (OpenEdx / gr) and the production of its courses. After his postgraduate studies in England he worked for 13 years as a web application developer in the Research and Development department of Forthnet SA where he was mainly involved in the development of European projects and then in the computer department in which he was involved with internal projects of the company. From 2013 to 2015 he was co-founder and core developer, server and database administrator of the online platform In the past he has taught computer science to various educational institutions.

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