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Mathesis: Closing three years of his first lessons in November of 2015 - and counting more than 50.000 students and 31.000 successful tracking certificates - Mathesis it now brings to science the science that refers to its own name. Mathesis

In Cardesio's effort to create a general science - that is mathesis universalis- based on the evidential reason Mathematics. Mathematics time, therefore, with two new related lessons and three interesting iterations of history and modern physics courses that they loved very much in their first screening.

New Courses - Mathematics

  • Probabilities 1 - Michalis Kolountzakis, Univ. Of Crete

Probability Theory is the Mathematics branch that helps us to estimate how often events occur that are not accurately predictable. From predicting the movement of a share in the stock market, the vote rating before an election, the study of the transmission of a disease or a reputation in a population to the study of gambling, the calculation of a chance is now an integral part of science, economics and social sciences ... See more

Differential Equations 1: A Basic Introduction - Stefanos Trahanas, FORTH-University. Crete

Differential Equations are, without a doubt, the language of nature. All the fundamental laws of our world are formulated in the form of Differential Equations. But in recent years we have also learned that Differential Equations are also the appropriate language for mathematically modeling an expanding variety of problems in our social and biological universe. See more

In repetition - History & Physics

  • World History 1: Man versus Nature - Maria Efthimiou, Pan. Athens

  • Father of all war: The Hellenistic wars as a social and cultural phenomenon (E) - Angelos Haniotis, IAS-Princeton
  • Introduction to Quantum Physics 2: The Basic Applications - Stefanos Trahanas, FORTH-University. Crete

Start New Course: 12 November 2018 / Quantum Physics 2: 5 November

Records have already begun and of course continue on!

And for those who care about the absence young people of humanities courses in our autumn program, we are quick to say that a set of such courses is being prepared now and will be offered in two successive circles in the coming Spring.


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