Mathesis The Antikythera Mechanism (free)

120 years have passed since the day a group of spongers from Symi accidentally discovered an ancient outside Antikythera.

Among the findings, what undoubtedly captures the interest of the public and the scientific community is the famous Antikythera Mechanism.

More than 2.000 years after of, the mechanism that today is considered the oldest known astronomical s has revealed many of his secrets.

According to Professor Giannis Seiradakis, "the Antikythera Mechanism is, for technology, the Acropolis for architecture." But there are still unanswered questions that still arouse our curiosity and imagination.

In this lesson, among other things, we will explore how the Mechanism works and the technological wonders it hides, we will discuss the amazing astronomical calculations it performed, we will try to represent it through faithful and we will read together the "»Of.

Above all, however, we will make a conceivable from the ancient Greek technology of the 2nd century BC. in today's scientific studies, from the archaeological investigations of the beginning of the last century to the most recent marine anasand from the small island of Antikythera to the celestial phenomena studied by our ancestors.

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