Mathesis – New Dreams: An Introduction to New Media Art (Free)

The workshop introduces in a simple, understandable and fun way, topics related to the so-called "new media art", which is often called "Hybrid Art".

In this context, a variety of "new media" and the possibilities they provide are presented, as well as many related works by artists from around the world.with

The workshop includes creative exercises in which participants are actively involved as they are challenged to think of their own, original ideas on the topics presented. In addition, creative activities are suggested that can be carried out easily and at little or no cost at home or in the classroom.

This workshop is not an academic art history course. It is an experiential and entertaining experience that appeals to all ages and has as its main goal to spark (creative) thinking and artistic creation.

The first half of the workshop offers a first contact with "New Media Art", and its basic possibilities and characteristics, while the second presents in greater depth the following new media:

• Optical fiber
• Time-based media and digital art
• Robotic art
• XNUMXD Printing
• Virtual and Augmented Reality
• Glitch art
• Artificial Intelligence

Instructors: D. Grammenos – A. Strataki, ITE
Inception: 12/12/2022

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