Mathesis Advanced Programming with Python (Free)

"Advanced programming with Python" is an online course, a continuation of the introductory course "Introduction to Python" by Mathesis.

It is aimed at a wide audience who are interested in deepening their knowledge in programming with Python language, a language that is widely used nowadays.

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The topics covered in the course concern object programming, permanent data storage, graphical user interface programming and game development techniques.

The 6-week course requires a total of 60 hours of study — 10 hours per week — and includes many examples of developing complex applications, such as games.

It is suitable for people who already have some programming knowledge in Python or another language and are interested in developing more demanding applications with Python, at work or in their spare time.

Instructor: Nikos Avouris, University of Patras
Inception: 11/10/2021

Mathesis courses are offered for free and will continue to be so. You can watch them to the end and take part in the weekly tests and the final exam. In most courses, however, you will be asked for a small fee - € 30 in the specific course - for the issuance of the certificate of successful attendance, provided of course you are entitled to it having ensured the required minimum performance of 50%.

The cost of the certificate here is higher than the 20 € required in other courses, because now there is the additional cost of correcting your final work by the teacher and his assistants. For the unemployed the certificate is issued free of charge.

From our side, we consider this small price as your necessary contribution for the continuation of the operation of an institution that serves public purposes without accepting a single euro - direct or indirect - of state aid. It relies solely on donated support — which now covers only a small portion of its annual expenses — and voluntary work.

The continuation of the operation of Mathesis therefore requires your active support. In this spirit we consider it necessary before you participate in the final examination of the course to make a moral commitment to Mathesis.

That if you successfully complete the course and are entitled to the certificate of attendance, you will pay the price of 30 € for its acquisition, even if it does not have an obvious utility for you.

A small step for you, but a necessary condition for the ability of Mathesis to offer you the quality of courses offered to you so far.

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