Mathesis: Introduction to Python (2) Free and Certified

Mathesis: Closing three years of his first lessons in November of 2015 - and numbering more than 50.000 students and 31.000 successful tracking certifications - Mathesis it now brings to science the science that refers to its own name. Mathesis

Mathesis: Introduction to Python

Would you like to be able to write a simple Python program - the most popular of the programming 'new languages' - allowing you (among many others) to draw interesting data from the 'ocean' of the internet?

For example, the Clarity of Public Expenditure program or ubiquitous social networks?

The lesson is designed to give this skill to every citizen interested in acquiring it.

It covers Python language introductions, which may be considered the most suitable for first contact with programming.

The course also covers basic data structures and programming structures, includes a number of examples and exercises that are solved step by step, while focusing on the latest modules on problems of retrieval and processing of information from the Internet.

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The student who will complete this course will be able to program Python and solve interesting practical problems such as retrieving information from websites and creating simple games.

Instructor: Nikos Avouris, University of Patras
Start: 18 February 2019

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