Mathesis: Ancient Greek Technology 1 (Basic Technologies)

The Open Internet Courses Center Mathesis, 2015 was established as a special part of the University Publications of Crete (PEC) for the sole purpose of creating and free offer to students, professional scientists and the wider public, to online courses at the level of the best international standards.


His previous course Mathesis completes with 44.000 and now enrolled students on its platform Mathesis and about the 27.000 certifications of successful attendance at the 19 courses offered so far.

Mathesis courses are offered free of charge and will continue. You can watch them to the end and take part in the weekly and final exam.

In most courses, however, you will be asked for a small fee - the order of 15 € - for issuing a certificate of successful tracking, provided of course you are entitled to it, having obtained the required minimum performance of 50%.

For the unemployed, the certificate is issued free of charge. For our part, we regard this small fee as a necessary contribution to the continued operation of an institution that serves public purposes without accepting a single euro - direct or indirect - state aid.

It is based only on donor support and volunteer work. An institution of civil society that primarily addresses them and their own confidence seeks to win and maintain. If you think Mathesis's lessons are desirable and useful, you now have the opportunity to contribute to continuing and expanding them to even more interesting subjects.

Two new Mathesis lessons that will be discussed a lot: Starting May 6, 2019

  • Ancient Greek Technology 1: Basic Technologies. The teacher is the eminent expert in the subject; the emeritus professor of NTUA Mr. Theodosis Tassios: A dominant personality of our scientific and intellectual life from the post-colonial period until today. The course will have two parts and in the second one will also be a teacher - together with Mr. Tassios - the professor of AUTh Mr. Giannis Seiradakis, which will focus on the Antikythera Mechanism: The most emblematic object of Ancient Greek Technology.
  • Journey into the Universe - Station One: Our Solar System. Directed in the form of Socratic dialogues, this course caters to a wide range of ages — from high school students to seniors — young people — and seeks to make its "students" participants in a process of discovery rather than passive "consumers" of ready-made knowledge. With two separate young astrophysicists —the Mr. Vasso Pavlidou and Mr. Costa Tassi, associate professors of the Department of Physics of the University of Crete — this course aims to shake the waters a little in the way we teach and learn science in our country.


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