Mattel and Google present a mysterious product on February 13

The toy maker Mattel and Google host an event on February 13 in New York, where they promise to see the "debut of a new product." Google Mattel

The invitation includes an outline of what appears to be something like View-Master, and states that those who attend the event "will see that it is possible." What is possible?

We really know nothing about what Mattel and Google are about to release, which makes the news much more exciting. Even the fact that the two companies work together is quite exciting.

Are they planning to resurrect View-Master with Google to add magical touches to its technology? As the 13 of February is near and it's a day before it starts Toy Fair 2015 in Manhattan. Apparently Mattel will be the leader in this event with or without the new product.

Until then let your imagination travel by trying to guess what companies will show us.

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