The hitherto known problems in the fixed version of Windows 11

If you want to upgrade your computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11, there are a few things you need to know.

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Supposedly you have done it known control with the PC Health Check tool and you have seen if your computer supports Windows 11. Then you have seen the list of removed features in Windows 11 and you have checked your hardware drivers for Windows 11 compatibility (GPU, chipset, network).

So you are ready to pull the trigger. Before doing so, check the list of known bugs in the firmware version of Windows 11 just released by Microsoft.

Keep in mind that the list of known bugs in Windows 11 is not just a warning of possible headaches that you may experience after the upgrade. Microsoft says Windows Update will not offer Windows 11 on affected systems until developers fix these issues or users implement solutions (it may take up to 48 hours for Windows 11 to appear in Windows Update after application of a solution).

So far, Windows 11 has only three known bugs reported in the official Microsoft documentation.

1. Compatibility issues between Oracle VirtualBox and Windows 11. Microsoft says users may not be able to start existing virtual machines. To work around the problem, Microsoft recommends removing Hyper-V or Windows Hypervisor. Oracle plans to release an update later this month to fix the bug. Alternatively, uninstall VirtualBox.

2. Compatibility issues between networking software Intel Killer and Windows 11. You may have slower-than-expected Internet speeds when using Intel Killer software in Windows 11. There are no solutions, but Microsoft promises to fix the problem in October 2021 with cumulative updates.

3. Browser compatibility issues Coc Coc and Windows 11. The browser may not start. Again, there are no solutions as Microsoft investigates the problem.

It is also worth noting that you may experience other issues or errors that have not been detected by Microsoft.

Switching to a new operating system is always a risky process, so Microsoft is in no hurry to distribute Windows 11 as quickly as possible to everyone.

If you are willing to take a step of confidence, see our instructions on incompatible computers. Compatible computers will be notified by Windows Update when it 's your turn.

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