MediaCreationTool.bat download ISO without compatibility check

MediaCreationTool.bat is a useful script for Windows that helps download Windows ISO images from Microsoft servers.

The developer who created it recently updated the program. The latest version supports ISO image download for Windows 11 and includes a standalone script to avoid Windows 11 compatibility checks.


Microsoft will most likely update its Media Creation Tool when Windows 11 is released on October 5, 2021. The tool is very useful because it has features for copying the operating system to a USB stick or creating an ISO image that can be recorded on DVD.

MediaCreationTool.bat is an open source script that supports the download of Windows 11 as well as most versions of Windows 10.

All you need to do is run the script with administrator privileges to download the Windows ISO you want from Microsoft.

To get the script:

screenshot 2021 09 27 17 57 37

Visit him project website on GitHub and click on Download Zip to download the file to your system (shown in the image above).
Extract the file from the ZIP and right-click the MediaCreationTool.bat script. Select Run as administrator.

MediaCreationTool will display all the downloadable versions. Just select the version you are interested in.

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