Megacubo free online TV without ads

Megacubo is an application that allows you to watch free online streaming TV. Allows you to watch music, news, sports, children, religion and other channels on your computer, TV box, tablet or mobile phone.

Megacubo allows you to search for channels or sort them by type, country or connection quality. The software allows you to create your own program to watch your favorite TV channels according to your personal needs.


The Megacubo app also provides a parental control feature that restricts access to adult content.


Miniplayer mode In Megacubo, you can watch in miniplayer mode on a computer to access any website or task while watching your favorite channel on a small playback screen that is fixed in the corner of the main screen. To enable the "miniplayer" function, simply minimize the program.

No ads Usually, when you watch TV on the internet, you come across countless ads. With the Megacubo app, you can watch freely without ads.

Favorites As in your browser, in Megacubo you can press Ctrl + D to add the open channel to the favorites of the application, so that every time you open the program you can see your favorite channels directly. To remove this channel from favorites, just press Ctrl + D again (with the channel open or loaded).

Find content Finding all the channels you need in Megacubo is very simple. Just press the F3 key in the program and enter the name of the channel you want.

Channels monitored The larger the application community, the more interesting the "Channels to Watch" section will be, allowing you to see what the audience is most interested in.

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