THE big IT companies screw up their employees

Employment agencies ask dismissed technical employees of IT companies to return to their position with an employment contract and a reduced salary.

Microsoft, Amazon, company

If you have in mind to make a career in a big IT company you better weigh it twice. It seems that big companies don't care about their employees and just screw them over, with the sole purpose of making a profit.

The news comes from The Seattle Times and mentions that technicians after losing the at some of Seattle's biggest tech companies, are now faced with an unexpected question: Want to get back at the company that just fired you?

Employment agencies offer jobseekers to be rehired in the companies they just left, but with a contract of employment and not in a staff position. That is, to come back with an expiration date, a lower salary, without benefits and stock purchase rights.

These reports concern large technological companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, etc of former employees at these companies range from indifference to a sense of insult.

A former Microsoft employee who was fired in March told the newspaper: "We've all had the shock of our lives, the last thing I need is you asking me to go to a company that just let me go."

Another worker who was fired by Amazon in January and asked to remain anonymous out of concern for future job prospects said he has heard that Amazon is looking for technical staff with Amazon experience (!). And in response he stated that "If Amazon wants an engineer, they could have simply not fired me...".

We at iGuru have similar examples in the , which for obvious reasons we cannot name, neither the companies nor the employees. But there are incredible incidents in the labor arena out there and from what we understand the more specialized a job becomes the harder it is for everyone (both employers and employees) to stop working together.

Computer science is both broad and constantly evolving, so when one specializes in a system (a chip, a board, a program for Cisco or Nokia or X company) essentially being almost irreplaceable or simply not in the interest of employers to train someone else in their place.

Of course, it is enough that he does not hold a general position of the style "support technician for computers and monitors of the official staff". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Microsoft, Amazon, company

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  1. They call it the working Middle Ages... Slaves used to exist...
    Unfortunately, this is how I got fired after so many years along with 2000 people...

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