Memex is the first Deep Web search engine

Memex: A year ago, the US Government's Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced it is trying to create a new powerful search engine that could index the Deep Web that until now could not reach conventional search engines like Google.Memex Deep Web Search Engine

The project, named Memex Deep Web Search Engine, is still under development. On Sunday, for the first time, we got a first taste of what the search engine Memex, designed to fight crime, can do. The Pentagon Research Service has given Scientific American a preview of the software it has created and an exclusive 60 presentation of advanced technology.

The Deep web. as well as being bummed with illegal activities such as child pornography, drug cases, cybercrime, trafficking in human beings, weapons and anything else you can imagine. However, because the Deep Web is buried so deeply, conventional search engines could not have access, to date at least according to what the developer promises DARPA.

The Memex search engine tries to secure the entire Internet from hackers, human traffickers, child pornography and other criminals. The Deep Web search engine was designed to overcome the above problems by extending "the scope of today's search engine capabilities."

Memex's inventor, Chris White, explained how the new search engine works and how it could revolutionize law enforcement investigations.

You can watch Chris White's demo video from here.

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