MEmu Android emulator on your PC

MEmu is an emulator for simulating the Android operating system on a computer. It provides a native user experience of the Android operating system, and allows you to install, use and uninstall any Android application, just as you would on a regular Android device.

You can control your applications or games simply with your keyboard and mouse, and sometimes you can even use external controllers.content1

MEmu not only offers great performance but also amazing graphics to its users.

It offers many additional features, such as smart controls, multiple instances, macro mapping, controller support, game automation, video recording, GPS simulation, command line scripts, etc.

How does MEmu work?

MEmu Android Emulator runs on Windows and simulates the Android operating system in a sandbox of your operating system. For best performance, most modern Android emulators use hardware virtualization (Intel-VT or AMD-V) to simulate multiple cores, just like a regular Android device.

So the Android operating system can access CPU, memory, screen orientation, Rom, SD cards, WiFi, battery, camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc ..

From a Windows perspective, MEmu Android Emulator is just a regular Windows application, like notepad. All Android data is stored in a specific Windows folder, for example on an SD card, and will likely be up to 10 GB.

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