Mercedes wants a monthly payment for better performance in your EV car

Maybe the next line of cars will provide you with performance commensurate with the monthly subscription you will pay to the car manufacturer. Mercedes is already thinking about implementing this solution.

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Electrification, fully automated car systems and online Wi-Fi connections are predicted to bring rapid developments to cars. Industries will try to exploit these possibilities to raise their revenues. After all, all private companies aim at profit.

Features and extras such as heated seats, remote locking, power seat adjustments and other features may incur a monthly fee

The start was made last year by BMW who announced plans to charge an €18 per month subscription for heated seats. Now, Mercedes is thinking of raising the bar by tinkering with EV car engine performance. It wants to provide you with a better performance of your car's engine as an additional subscription charge.

According to CNN:

“Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle owners in North America who want a little more power and speed can now buy 60 horsepower for just $60 a month or, on other models, 80 horsepower for $90 a month.

They will not need to visit a Mercedes dealer to receive the upgrade. The added power, which will offer nearly a second reduction in acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour, will be available via an over-the-air software patch.”

If you still don't want to pay by the month, Mercedes will let you pay a lump sum (usually several thousand dollars) to remove the artificial restrictions they've placed on your engine.

If these sales practices are followed and if there are people who will pay to get what is already in their car, then we foresee a new illegal hacking market being born. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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