Some of the Tweaks that have been upgraded for the iOS 6 Jailbreak


Now that it jailbreak has become available, it's time to see which one tweaks existing in Cydia, have been upgraded and support the new version of iOS. There are thousands of tweaks in Cydia and it is not always easy to tell which ones are worth it and which ones are not, so below you will find some of the ones that are worthwhile and have been upgraded to iOS 6.1.

Note: While the following tweaks are compatible with iOS 6.1, some are not yet compatible with newer Apple devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Auxo - $ 1.99

Here are some of the Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6 [Jailbreak]

Auxo is the way Apple should have made the app switcher in iOS.

Instead of app icons, Auxo shows a live preview of the app, which you can close with a simple swipe. It also adds better control over music, as well as buttons that enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G. Auxo is a very easy and beautiful tool and Apple should be exemplified by it.

Merge - $ 1.50

Here are some of the Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6 [Jailbreak]

Merge fixes some troublesome iMessage problems that we hope Apple can fix in the future. If in a contact you have more than one emailed past phone, then when you send a message to this contact you choose which one to send (which email or phone) creates a mess of messages because you can talk to one person but have 3 open and 4 thread.

Merge does what he calls his name. It unites in thread all the speeches you have with the same contact, while also giving you the option to choose which email or contact phone to send the message to. IMessage just cleared.

Emblem - $ 1.99

Here are some of the Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6 [Jailbreak]

Instead of having its classic banners Notification Center, which are neither very nice nor very convenient, with Eblem you can convert them to OS X style with the banners appearing on the left side of the screen, while also allowing the sending of messages. Additionally, you can delete an alert with simple gestures before it appears in Notification Center.

Minimalist, easy and clean.

Dashboard X - $ 1.99

Here are some of the Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6 [Jailbreak]

Live widgets, which many Apple device users have been asking for over the years, but the company has not yet done so.

But this does not mean that the jailbreak community is left behind. With Dashboard X you can install live widgets anywhere on the Home Screen. There is a list of compatible widgets in Cydia and they all promise to make it easy for you to operate your device.

Springtomize 2 - $ 2.99

Here are some of the Best Jailbreak Tweaks To Try On iOS 6 [Jailbreak]

Spingtomize 2 is their Swiss Army Knife tweaks. Springtomize 2 is not an application, we would say it is more of a huge package full of tweaks for your iOS device. With it you can change everything on your device, from how many icons appear on the Home Screen to how the Notification Center.

If you have done jailbreak on your device, then Springtomize 2 is a Must Have.

Stride - $ 3

He is jealous of the way his users unlock their mobile phones Android; If so, then Stride is for you. A password is displayed on the screen and you use it to unlock your device. Stride is quite well made and does not allow a third party who does not know the code you designed to access the device.

In addition, it is much better than what is in Android mobile, so download it and show it to your friends with Android how much better are iOS devices even in this.

CameraTweak - $ 1


The photo snapshot in iOS is good but limited. Apple has unfortunately not included many settings and options when it comes to capturing a photo or video, but this is what CameraTweak is about to change.

With CameraTweak you add features like timer, resolution setting and aspect ratio to the iOS app, greatly improving your experience and the effect of photos.

biteSMS - $ 8 with free trial


My favorite app, and the reason most people finally decide to do it jailbreak. BiteSMS is a tweak that will change the way you send messages. With biteSMS you can easily and quickly send a message even if you are in an application or from the lockscreen, it offers emoticons, "read later" function, displays the messages in Notification Center and many many but.

BiteSMS is compatible not only with iOS 6.1 but also with iPhone 5, so there is no reason not to download it.

CallBar - $ 4


Does it bother you when someone calls you and suddenly interrupts what you are doing because the call has been discharged? With CallBar, this problem is past. Now when someone calls you instead of appearing across the screen, it will appear as a banner at the top of your screen without disturbing you and interrupting what you are doing

All applications are available via the BigBoss repo. We continue to search and experiment, and we will brief you soon with a new article with more applications supporting iOS 6.1.

Stay tuned

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