Mesh: Metaverse and from Microsoft

Changes are coming from all the technology companies. A few days after Facebook announced the renaming of the company to Meta, Microsoft launched its own master plan for another metaverse.

Last night, the CEO and President of the company Satya Nadella made the announcement on Twitter with a video. The video describes something that extends "from a factory room to a meeting room."mesh

The company said that the first part of the metaverse will be Mesh for Teams, which will be available sometime in 2022. Microsoft introduced Mesh, as a mixed reality platform, earlier this year. The new experience will be part of this project.

The idea of ​​the company is to be able to make meetings with remote colleagues in a virtual space while you will be able to feel their "presence" through virtual avatars. It will be very nice for someone sitting at home with his T-shirt and shorts to be able to display an avatar with more appropriate clothing. We are talking about a very advanced win-win situation.

Microsoft said that initially, you will be able to hang out with your colleagues in virtual spaces, such as meeting rooms, but eventually, you will also be able to design your own spaces.

You can read more about Microsoft Mesh from here.

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