Meta threatens to pull news to avoid paying publishers

Meta, the social media group formerly known as Facebook, is threatening to pull news from its platforms if the US passes a law that would force it to negotiate with publishers to pay for their content.


If this sounds familiar, your memory is correct: Australia proposed just such a law in 2021. Facebook pulled news from its platform for a few weeks, but then returned to the negotiating table and agreed to pay only local news outlets.

The Australian government argued that news publishers' content had value that Facebook and Google weren't paying for, and argued that they should do so by sending them money that would fund their operations.

The law on competition and preservation of journalism of the United States in 2022 has similar goals but focuses on small issuers (companies with fewer than 1.500 employees). The aim of the new bill is to help publishers and broadcasters come together and negotiate with companies like Facebook and Google on the "terms and conditions of the platform's access to digital news content".

The definition of “platform” is online platforms with at least 50 million US-based users, with annual net sales exceeding $550 billion and with at least one billion monthly active users worldwide.

In short: Meta and Google. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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