Meta built the largest supercomputer on the planet

From the moment it Facebook was renamed Meta, various opinions on the matter began to be heard. The plan behind this move is not clear at this time, but it appears that the wants to create a XNUMXD, virtual version of the Internet.

Facebook currently has 3 billion active users per month and so it would take a huge amount of computing power to connect them all in a virtual reality environment.

So it seems that the company has built the fastest supercomputer in the world.rsc

The machine's name is the AI ​​Research SuperCluster (RSC), and when it's completed later this year, Meta believes it will be the fastest on the planet.

What can the RSC do?

It will be able to run floating point calculations at 5 exaflops (about times faster than a normal gaming computer). Meta wants to use all that power to develop algorithms ς s that they will be able to learn from trillions of examples.

Μια άλλη πιθανή χρήση αυτού του υπερυπολογιστή είναι η δημιουργία καλύτερων εργαλείων επαυξημένης πραγματικότητας, καθώς το μηχάνημα θα μπορεί “να αναλύει απρόσκοπτα κείμενο, εικόνες και βίντεο μαζί”. Σύμφωνα με την Meta, αυτός ο υπολογιστής θα είναι ένας βασικός πυλώνας στο όραμα της εταιρείας για το Metaverse .

"We hope that the RSC will help us to create completely new artificial intelligence systems that can, for example, feed real-time voice translations to large groups of people, each speaking a different language, so that they can collaborate seamlessly on a research project or to play an AR game together ", wrote the technical director of the program Kevin Lee and the software engineer Shubho Sengupta in a post on the company blog.

The RSC will also be used to find and remove any hate speech and any harmful content (most likely on Facebook and ). AI will be able to be trained to do this with great efficiency, according to Meta.

What happens next?

Το πρώτο στάδιο του project RSC έχει ολοκληρωθεί και το μηχάνημα είναι ήδη σε λειτουργία. Στην τρέχουσα φάση του, ο υπερυπολογιστής διαθέτει 760 συστήματα Nvidia DGX A100 με συνολικά 6.080 μονάδες of graphics.

Installation is already faster than many existing supercomputers, but Meta plans to increase the number of GPUs in the RSC to 16.000. This will be the next step in boosting system performance by about 2,5 times and allowing the computer to work in exabyte (1 exabyte equals 36.000 years of high quality video).

"We expect that such a change in the function of computing capacity will allow us not only to create more accurate models of artificial intelligence for our existing services, but also to allow entirely new user experiences, especially in Metaverse", Say Lee and Sengupta. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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