The method of Sealing in Kali Linux

Η segregation is one of the oldest techniques used to hide data in an image, hide image within image and hide data in video / audio, etc.

There are so many tools available in Kali Linux for waterproofing, but Steghide and StegoSuite are the two most popular tools for this job.

Installation and use Steghide

Steghide is a command line tool that allows you to easily hide data in various types of video / audio files without losing the quality of the original file.

Steghide supports JPEG / JPG / BMP / WAV / AU files. You can also export the data.

To install Steghide in Kali Linux, type

Mandate: apt-get install steghide

To use this tool, enter " steghide At your terminal.

Now we have created one secret.txt file with some data and we have placed one kevinmitnick.jpg file in the same directory, so we're going to hide it secret.txt at kevinmitnick.jpg.

Mandate: steghide embed -cf kevinmitnick.jpg -ef secret.txt

This command will ask for a password that you can easily set so that no one can extract the secret data from your file.

So this command will integrate the data secret.txt in its image file kevinmitnick.jpg

Now to extract data from this file, you can enter the following command.

Mandate: steghide extract -sf kevinmitnick.jpg

The receiver will also have to use the same tool, the steghide, to recover the data, so if the password is correct, the contents of the original file will be extracted from the image file and saved.

You can also view information related to embedded data by typing the following command.

Mandate: steghide info kevinmitnick.jpg

Installation and use Stegosuite

Stegosuite is a tool with a GUI. The functionality of stegosuite is the same as steghide and the only difference is its graphic version.

Stegosuite is also available in the Kali repository Linux, so you can easily install it by typing the following command.

Mandate: apt-get install stegosuite

Now after completing the above command, just type " stegosuite ”In the same terminal or you can also open stegosuite from the top application menu.

Now click on File menu and embed the text or you can also embed any file (txt) in the 2nd text box and in the 3rd section, you can set any password so that the file remains secure.

In the same way, you can also extract data from any image.

If you are using Windows then you can simply use this command to hide data in an image using the copy command which is an MS-DOS command.

Mandate: copy / b secret.txt + kevinmitnick.jpg newimage.jpg


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