Twitter engineer fired for publicly disagreeing with Elon Musk

A Twitter spat between Elon Musk and his engineer Eric Fraunhofer that began on Sunday resulted in the latter being fired by the former.

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Are you a Twitter engineer publicly disagreeing with your employer's tweets? Things will not be favorable for you. The incident began on Sunday when Musk apologized on Twitter, because the service was extremely slow in many countries. The CEO justified this by saying that the application executed over 1.000 "badly grouped" remote procedure calls (RPCs) to load an initial timeline.

But Eric Frohnhoefer's former employee had a different opinion. He publicly disagreed with him stating that he has been working at Twitter for Android for six years, and that what his employer is saying is wrong. Result; After a standoff between them for several hours, Musk posted a tweet that read: "Fired."

For the record, Fronhofer said Twitter doesn't do any RPCs, adding that it makes about 20 requests in the background when the app starts. Musk responded that: "Up to 1200 'microservices' are called when someone uses the Twitter app" with Frohnhoefer not backing down and saying in turn that "the number to create the original timeline is closer to 200 and not 1200".

The conversation continued for several hours, during which Musk seemed to grow angrier. “Twitter is extremely slow on Android. What did you do to fix it?” asked Fraunhofer.

When the developer tweeted that Musk should ask such questions in private, a commenter on the thread wrote that Musk probably doesn't want Fraunhofer on his team. And Musk's response was "Fired," to which Fraunhofer responded with a greeting emoji.

Fraunhofer, he reported to Forbes that it took about five hours for Twitter to lock him down. He said he had so far not received any official communication from the company about his dismissal.

And of course he blasted the new situation on Twitter: "No one trusts anyone in the company anymore. How can you operate? Workers do not trust the new management. Management does not trust employees. How are you supposed to work?”

And not to be outdone, Musk has just started another online feud, this time with Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. The politician he told the billionaire to fix his companies or "Congress will." The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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