The highest-capacity micro-SD card in the world

The largest capacity in the world in its category has been SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Premium Edition, for use micro-SD on portable devices.

sandisk-ultra micro-SD 128-gb micro-SD

One year after the introduction of the card with a record capacity of 128 GB (SanDisk Ultra microSDXC) the company increased the capacity by 56%, maintaining the same dimensions.

"Mobile devices completely change the game. Seven out of 10 photos from consumers come from smartphones and tablets. "Consumers see mobile devices as the primary means of image capture and sharing, and in 2019 smartphones and tablets will represent 9 of the 10 photos taken," said Christopher Chut, vice president of Worldwide Digital Imaging Practice, IDC.

The company achieved this capacity by leveraging the technology developed for the 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card and creating new designs and production processes.

"Ideal for mobile and tablet users with Android, the Premium Edition microSD combines the largest capacity and high transfer speed, up to 90 MB / s, to provide high performance. At this transfer rate, consumers can expect to move up to 1.200 photos per minute. With SanDisk's upgraded Memory Zone app, users will have even more control over their mobile device storage.

In the Memory Zone app, users can enable the OptiMem feature that monitors phone memory levels to inform users whenever internal memory falls below a user-defined limit. "When it reaches this limit, OptiMem automatically transfers some of the old photos and videos to the microSD card, leaving them with more internal memory." SanDisk.

According to the company, the micro-SD will go on sale in the second quarter of the year at a suggested retail price of $ 399,99.


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