Data leakage from Oracle POS Microsystems

The Oracle Microsystem, which you probably also used to pay for something through a debit or credit card, has been violated.

At present, it is not yet known how big the data is, but a source told the researcher Krebs journalist that 700 systems may have been affected. oracle micros

A hacker group known as the Carbanak Gang (referred to by Krebs as "a Russian organized cybercrime group" accused of stealing more than $ 1 billion from banks and retailers in recent years) is believed to be responsible for the breach.

Oracle acknowledged the hack, saying "malicious code was detected on some Microsoft systems" and asked its customers to change the passwords associated with the MICROS point-of-sale.

Investigators believe the breach started in a single system within Oracle's internal network, and spread through a Micros "gateway" used to help customers.

From there, hackers managed to steal user names and passwords from Micros users when they were logged on to the Web portal to check the answer bills or to manage their accounts.

It is not known how it can affect this hack. The most likely scenario is that hackers have gained access to the micros to put point-of-sale malware and steal credit card information.

Oracle is still investigating the violation but has not yet announced how deeply the hackers have reached.

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