Microsoft 365 OneDrive with dark mode and 100GB

Microsoft he said on Wednesday many updates for OneDrive, such as the dark mode, the increase of the file upload limit and a series of new business and consumer possibilities.

A post by Seth Patton of Microsoft 365 states that the new features of OneDrive across Microsoft 365 offer a more connected and flexible business experience, more control to administrators and a more personal touch to all those who work from home as “remote everything” has become the norm in 2020.

So all users will have more download space that will increase from 15 GB to 100 GB in OneDrive and SharePoint.

The dark mode on the OneDrive Web in commercial and personal accounts will reach desktop users very soon.
one drive linux

For business users, a public preview will be released later this month that includes a new feature called Add to OneDrive, which Patton said will make it easier to add shared folders directly to OneDrive.

Shared folders may include content that others share with a user through OneDrive, or content that is part of a shared library in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

Adding to OneDrive will also allow a person to collaborate on shared content with the same capabilities as if it were their own.

Public preview availability will be enabled by default with the option to exclude drive linux

In an effort to align file sharing within Team's application with other 365 applications, users will soon have the option to create sharing links that give access to anyone, or individuals within the same organization, in private or group chats. . The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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