What are the versions of Windows 10 announced by Microsoft

Previously Publication we reported that Microsoft officially announced all upcoming versions of Windows 10. The company also reported for the first time the new name of Windows 10 for Phone, which became Window 10 Mobile.mimikatz Playing with Windows Security!

But let's see which other releases it announced following the very aggressive marketing game that has been going on lately, just after the change of CEO.

When the new operating system is officially released, there will be seven versions to choose from:

Window 10 Home the classic desktop version

Window 10 Mobile is designed to deliver better user experience to smaller, mobile, and touch-centric devices such as smartphones and small tablets

Window 10 Pro is a desktop version for computers, tablets and 2-in-1 devices

Window 10 Enterprise based on Windows 10 Pro, adding advanced features designed to meet the requirements of medium and large enterprise

Window 10 Education based on Windows 10 Enterprise, and are designed to meet the needs of schools - teachers, teachers and students

WindUws 10 Mobile Enterprise is designed to deliver better experience to corporate customers with smartphones and tablets

Window 10 IoT

And it does not stop there, enterprise versions will be divided according to different functions, such as for use on ATMs, vending machines, portable terminals and industrial robotics devices.

Of course, Microsoft wants to make sure that Windows will be everywhere. However, as the announcement shows, the company continues to complicate things with so many branding options.

Could not develop a flexible operating system that can handle all the challenges without the need for so many different products?

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