Microsoft: you love Windows 11

Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 5, 21 and thought of sharing some numbers with the public to let them know how the whole thing is going.

Microsoft claims that most users already love Windows 11, and compared to Windows 10, operating system adoption rates are significantly 11 black

The release of Windows 11 is now entering its final phase and Microsoft explains that this operating system has the highest product satisfaction rate of any version of Windows ever released.

"Since the release of Windows 11 in October, we've seen a lot of demand for Windows 11 with many people accepting the Windows 11 upgrade offer twice as fast as we saw in Windows 10. Windows 11 also has the highest quality ratings. and product satisfaction from any version of Windows we've ever released. "The quality of the products was a huge focus for the team and we followed a deliberate and gradual approach to the way we promoted the upgrade." Reported Microsoft's Panos Panay.

  Windows 11 Build 22000.100 in the Beta channel

"With Windows 11, people spend 40% more time on their PC than with Windows 10. The multitasking and productivity benefits of Windows PCs are more than ever, with almost half of Windows 11 users using the new Snap Layouts. Windows 11 also helps increase traffic to the recently redesigned Microsoft Store.

The paradox is that while Windows 11 comes as a free upgrade for devices running Windows 10, not all computers are allowed to install it. Windows 11 has more system requirements, which means that some devices do not qualify for the free upgrade.

Microsoft wants to complete the release of Windows 11 by the summer of 2022, so eligible devices that have not yet been updated will be updated in the near future, if we believe the company.

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