Microsoft announced DirectX 12

Η Microsoft announced it DirectX 12, the latest version of the API (Application Programming Interface) of the company's graphics, during the Game Developers Conference.


According to Microsoft, existing computers, smartphones and Xbox One will get better graphics performance without requiring any upgrade. In addition, the four major chipsets manufacturers, Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm, said the new one API will run smoothly on every chip currently on the market.

This is a bit of a surprise, as in the past, every new DirectX version involved a hardware upgrade, that is, graphics cards, so that upgraded graphics can be attributed.

According to the company, the new version will incorporate a series of improvements, it will support every software platform, namely Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One, it will be able to smoothly share tasks in multi-core processors and provide instant communication with graphics processors for better performance results.

It was also highlighted during the presentation that the new version could lead to lower energy requirements for graphics processing, an important element for smartphones. According to Microsoft, the first game titles, which will be compatible with the new version, are expected to show up at the end of 2015.

According to Verge, it is not unlikely that Microsoft will use the new version as a means to turn gamers into a choice of new operating system as the company did not clear whether the new API would be compatible with the Windows 7 operating system. Indeed, there is talk of a possible launch of a new operating system (Windows 9), at the same time as DirectX 12.

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