Microsoft tablets with anti-bacterial touch screens

This is not the first time Microsoft pioneered a patent. This time the company had a simple idea but so practical. With touch screens and so many fingers touching them daily, he thought it would be good not to neglect the protection of our organization. So he filed a patent for anti-bacterial touch screens.


Basically, Microsoft plans to use ultraviolet light to disinfect fingerprints when the user touches the screen of any device, be it a tablet, or a laptop or a smartphone.

Here is a snapshot of the patent patent that briefly describes Microsoft's new technology:

"An ultraviolet and visible light with a transparent film will be on or inside a touch screen for automatic surface disinfection."

Since Microsoft is working hard to expand its range of products, such technology will obviously be a major asset for the company, especially given the fact that the tablets it has built are not so popular so far.

But what is still unclear to us since a patent is not mentioned is the price of such a screen. The risk is to launch the price of any device that will use it very high, making it virtually inaccessible.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft really does build its idea massively, and if it does at a cost.

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