Microsoft withdraws OneNote for Windows 10

Microsoft announced yesterday that it will withdraw the OnoNote for Windows 10 application from the Microsoft Store.

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To date, Microsoft has two different OneNote applications for Windows devices. Application OneNote which is part of the Office and the application OneNote for Windows 10, available in the Microsoft Store.

Nouns Microsoft announced that will integrate both applications to create a single OneNote application that will deliver a great note-taking effect in Windows. As a result, the current OneNote for Windows 10 application will be withdrawn in the near future. OneNote, part of the Office suite, will receive a visual refresh, the latest Microsoft pen and ink enhancements, and a new user navigation interface.

  • The OneNote application will receive new features and basic existing features that are currently unique to OneNote for Windows 10.
  • OneNote for Windows 10 users will receive an in-app invitation for updates to the OneNote app. Expect invitations to launch in the second half of 2022. We will make a future announcement to IT professionals detailing the available timetables and user updates in the OneNote app.

If you are using the OneNote for Windows 10 application, you will be able to access the updated OneNote application in the future. All the notebooks you have today in OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10 will continue to run in the updated application.

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