Microsoft: No more pranks on 1 in April

April 1 is near and technology companies like every year are gearing up for new farces. However, Microsoft will probably be out this year as the company's chief marketing officer urged company officials to avoid any pride this year.

The reason is simple: Pranks aren't liked by everyone, and according to Microsoft's leaked memo, some of them do more harm than good.Microsoft

"Sometimes the results are fun but sometimes they are not. "Either way, the data tells us that these stunts have a limited positive impact and can actually lead to unwanted news circles," Chris Capossela said in an internal note. was released TheVerge.

Capossela asks employees of the company to promote communication to groups and in-house partners to stop everyone this year from this custom.

Considering the adversity faced by the technology industry today, I ask all Microsoft groups to do nothing at 1 in April. I appreciate that some people may have devoted time and resources to these activities, but I think we have more to lose than to win by trying to be fun this day.

This is a somewhat unexpected change in Microsoft, but at the same time it could be an approach that would dictate a new trend in the technology industry. It remains to be seen, although other technology companies will follow Microsoft's steps.

Many of these technology companies love the 1 jokes of April, such as Google, which every year gives shifting, not with a lot of smart pranks.


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