Microsoft Bloom Cookies: A New Way to Protect Private Data

Bloom Cookies: Microsoft researchers have been able to develop an algorithm that is capable of eliminating the appearance of web search results for each user without using the existing technology.

The idea, which will be presented next month with the title Bloom Cookies: Web Search Personalisation without User Tracking, uses a new kind of cookies that can encode users' profiles very much to preserve their privacy without having to stop their online habits.Microsoft Bloom Cookies

"The design of Bloom Cookies is inspired by our analysis of a large set of search results logs that shows the disadvantages of the technical concealment of the two profiles, ie one general profile and another that is made for noise injection, which is currently used. from many privacy systems, ” researchers said in the project summary.

"We believe that the generalization profile fails to protect users from a server that can connect to user sessions over time."

"Noise can deal with these problems, but with the cost of communication and noise in general, it has to be produced by a trusted third party."

Bloom Cookies, said Nitesh Mor, John Kubiatowicz of the University of California, Oriana Riva and Suman Nath of Microsoft Research, will use Bloom filters to achieve a better exchange of information between privacy, personalization, and efficiency of the network.

"We will provide you with similar or better personalization and privacy protection from noise injection and general profiles, at no cost to your communication and no dictionary to produce noise," the researchers said.

It is not clear whether this approach can "work" with Bing and its tracking capabilities.

The Microsoft Project will be published at the NDSS Symposium in San Diego.

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