Microsoft released the free Office application for Windows 10

Microsoft has released the free Office application for Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store. While its name may lead many to believe that Microsoft is suddenly offering the Office Suite for free, unfortunately this is not the case.


In fact, what Microsoft is doing is reinventing the original My Office application with a new approach, design and naming, so Office aims to serve as a companion application, helping you to find your documents faster.

The Office application also includes shortcuts to Office suite applications, as well as lessons to get the most out of this office suite.

The weird thing about the story is that the free app is called Office on the American website of the Microsoft Store and remains as My Office in the Greek version of the specific website. Today's news is about the American website, which is always more up to date.

Although the Office application is free, if you want to access its applications Office suite, you need to register in Office 365 or you can use Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office Online.

Office will come pre-installed on Windows 10, starting with the next big feature update for the operating system (April 2019). Microsoft does not say whether users will be allowed to uninstall the application, but there is a possibility, especially since Office is available in the Microsoft Store.



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