Microsoft Azure DevOps new bug bounty program

The bug bounty on Microsoft's service code continues after Redmond announced the its tenth active programThe Azure DevOps Bounty Program.

Previously known as Visual Studio Team Services. The new Azure DevOps services provide developers with a collaborative cloud platform and automation.

Microsoft's bug bounty program also covers Azure DevOps Server products as well as Team Foundation Server products.

In a blog post, Buck Hodges, director of Azure DevOps's engineering, said the program is completing existing security practices such as code reviews, security scans, and red team testing.

"Our Bounty program rewards independent security researchers who find imperfections and report them to us responsibly. We will publicly report to investigators who suggest these security issues, and for high-serious errors we will make payments of up to $ 20.000. ”

Bug Bounty programs have been multiplied, according to HackerOne, a company running such competitions. The company reported that 2018, these programs increased by 38 percent in North America, 37 percent in Asia, 26 percent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and 143 percent in Latin America.


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