Microsoft is preparing a new browser

We had previously published rumors that Microsoft wanted to make some big changes to Internet Explorer with the release of Windows 10. Rumor has it that the company was preparing to rename IE to "Spartan" and that it would look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox.Microsoft-Makes-Windows-Completely-Free-for-Small-Tablets

It turns out that Microsoft develops a completely new browser, codenamed Spartan. This browser will not be IE 12 - at least according to sources.

Thomas Nigro, a Microsport Student Partner, and developer of the modern VLC, said on Twitter earlier this month that Microsport is developing a brand new browser.

According to one of MicroSoft's most authoritative sources on the current technology stage, Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Spartan Spartan will not be IE 12, it will be a new browser, and much lighter than IE .

Windows 10 (at least desktop versions) will be released with the new Spartan but also with IE 11, according to Foley sources.

Spartan is currently a code name. The name Microsoft will choose for the new browser is not yet known.

Microsport may present Spartan on January 21 when the company unveils the next set of Windows 10 features. According to Foley's sources, it is not certain that Spartan will be functional enough to be included in the new January build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, and previews for mobile are expected to be available from the beginning of 2015.

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