Microsoft Call: Technology as a competitive advantage for developing and small and medium-sized businesses

We bring you the invitation we received from Microsoft for the of developers that will take place on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at Kifisias 221, in Maroussi. His subject:

"Technology as a competitive advantage for growing and small and medium enterprises"

ms invites

We will be very pleased to honor you with your presence at an event we are organizing for Growing and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on Wednesday, 5 March, 2014.

The main objective of the event is to present you the latest developments in technology and ways to meet the demands of the era and increased competition, keeping costs low and increasing the productivity of your employees.

This event will take place at our offices, Kifissias 221, in Maroussi.

There will be cocktails.


17.00-17.30 Arrival

17.30-17.40 Welcome

Evangelos Chrysochoos, Small Mid-market Solutions & Partners

17.40-17.50 Trends in the IT market

Vassilis Vlachos, Sales Manager

17.50-18.25 Office 365 and the possibilities it offers to the modern business

Nikos Chatzigeorgiou, Business Group Lead - Microsoft Office Division

18.25-19.00 Windows Azure & Windows : The economy and flexibility of the cloud starts with the infrastructure.

Nicolas Molfetas, Server Business Lead

19.00-19.35 Flexible Productivity with Tablets and new Touch devices

Marios Issaris, Windows Business Group Lead

19.35-19.45 Questions

19.45-21.00 Cocktails & light lunch


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