Microsoft broke Chrome to promote Edge

because he can….

Microsoft released a Windows update that broke a Chrome feature, making it harder to change your default browser and annoying Chrome users with pop-ups, according to Gizmodo.

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A Windows update in April broke a new button in Chrome – the world's most popular browser – that lets you change your default browser with a single click. But the worst part is that the button doesn't work for users using the enterprise version of Windows. For weeks, every time an enterprise user opened Chrome, the default Windows settings page appeared. There was no way to stop it unless you uninstall the OS update. This forced Google to disable the setting.

This chapter in the browser wars began in July 2022, when Google released a new button in Chrome for Windows. which allowed you to change your default browser with one click without changing your system settings.

For eight months, it worked great. But in April, Microsoft with Windows update KB5025221 things changed.

“Every time I open Chrome it opens the default Windows app settings. I've tried many ways to solve it without success," an administrator reported to Microsoft forum.

A Reddit user noticed that the settings page also appeared whenever he clicked on a link, but only if Chrome was the default browser. "It doesn't happen if we change the default browser to Edge," the user reported. Many others made similar complaints to Google support forum. Users very quickly realized that the culprit was the operating system update.

For people using the regular consumer version of Windows, things aren't so bad. The “Make Default” button does not work, but you can work around the problem by changing the name of the Chrome app on Windows. It seems that Microsoft is specifically stopping Chrome, the main competitor of the Edge browser. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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  1. good morning, just as clipper broke, RDBMS, and instead of evolving it in the new operating environments, it pushed visual basic...

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