Microsoft designates CCleaner as PUA and deletes it

CCleaner, one of the most popular applications for cleaning and optimizing systems with Windows, has been described as a potentially unwanted application, or PUA, by Microsoft.

Recall that the CCleaner application was last used to spread malware when malicious users were able to insert malware into the installer. But apparently the ban of the application did not come from this.

Microsoft explains in the threat database that CCleaner is now being detected as PUA: Win32 / CCleaner by Windows Defender Antivirus, and all application files will be automatically deleted from Windows computers. This listing for CCleaner was last updated on July 27.

Although Microsoft does not give more information on why the application is classified as PUA, it is no secret that the company is not a fan of such applications cleaning.

But let us remember a little about the course of the application:

In addition to all of the above, Microsoft somewhere explains that the use of such applications can seriously affect the stability of Windows.

“Some products, such as registry cleaners, indicate that the registry needs regular maintenance or cleaning. However, serious problems can occur if you incorrectly modify the registry using these types of utilities. These issues can cause users to reinstall the operating system due to instability. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be resolved without reinstalling the Operating System, as the extent of the changes made by these registry cleaning utilities varies from application to application.

In October 2015, a few months after the official release of Windows 10, Microsoft recommended that you do not use the CCleaner application.

Gov Maharaj, Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, said users should avoid installing CCleaner on their devices without giving too many details.

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