Microsoft has released a free COVID-19 tracker

Microsoft has just released a free one COVID-19 tracker for desktops and laptops in the Bing search engine. The tracker gives you basic information about the number of cases and much more that we describe below, in a clean UI.

Ο COVID-19 tracker was developed by Microsoft and is available online at . It presents a world map along with many other information, such as total confirmed cases, active cases, recovered cases and fatalities.

microsoft COVID-19

You can also view statistics by country and zoom in to see additional information about a specific area.

Similar services are already available online, but Microsoft is trying to make this tracker a central hotspot for tracking the spread of coronavirus, as it includes news and videos about the infection.

Microsoft says it gets data from the CDC, WHO, ECDC and Wikipedia and always displays the latest information - at the time of writing, for example, the map was last updated 11 minutes ago.

The new tracker also works on mobile phones, so you can access all the data from any of your devices.

Microsoft is one of the companies affected by it COVID-19, as it decided to cancel several technological events, such as BUILD developer conference.

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