Microsoft Create preview released for everyone

At its annual Ignite event this year, Microsoft announced new tools aimed at creators. One of the most exciting is the Microsoft Create site.

ms create

A month after its announcement, Microsoft officially launched an early preview of the site, giving users access to content creation apps and services available as part of their Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft describes Create as “the ultimate creator tool” for creating videos, graphic design documents, presentations and more. Microsoft believes that the professionally designed templates and content creation apps it has developed will help everyone create something “inspiring” and that too, because no design experience is required.

To get started, you can directly visit the Microsoft Create website. Show off your creativity by making presentations, social media video posts, birthday cards and more. All templates are fully customizable and organized by social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more) and by topic (birthdays, budgets, or flyers, for example).

Since the site is in preview, don't expect it to be perfect. As Microsoft states, there are currently some limitations: the site is only available in English, and to customize some templates, you'll need to register to access Microsoft Designer.

Microsoft has not given any other information about when the Microsoft Create site will exit the preview phase. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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