Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux just released

Microsoft just announced the general availability of Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux a few months after the release of the preview release.

"The addition of Linux to Microsoft Defender ATP's inherently supported platforms marks an important moment for all our customers. It makes Microsoft Defender Security Center a truly integrated application for monitoring and managing all desktop and server platforms that are shared in corporate environments (Windows, Windows Server, macOS and Linux). he says Microsoft in a post today.

Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux supports a total of six different server distributions, including:

  • RHEL 7.2+
  • CentOS Linux 7.2+
  • Ubuntu 16 LTS or higher LTS version
  • SLES 12+
  • Debian 9 +
  • OracleLinux 7.2

Microsoft, which is increasingly focusing on the Linux ecosystem, should not necessarily be a surprise, as the company has recently been making huge efforts to expand on this platform.

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Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is currently being released as version 2 in Windows 10, is the living proof as it allows users to run Linux distributions through Windows. The new version was released with the May 2020 Update (or 2004 version) and brings a Linux kernel modified by Microsoft itself.

The new antivirus is supposed to provide command line support to the client, but what administrators need to know is that installing Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux requires a Microsoft Defender ATP for Servers license.

The company says it is planning even more improvements for Linux, and we will have more announcements soon.

"We are just at the beginning of our journey on Linux and we do not stop here! We are committed to continuously expand our capabilities in Linux and we will provide you with more improvements in the coming months ", the company states.

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