Microsoft: Removes the classic Disk Cleanup tool

Microsoft announces the withdrawal of the classic Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 10 in the official blog of the company.

Immediately after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft clarified that it would remove some classic tools such as Control Panel. Of course no one imagined it would take so long.Microsoft

To date the company has transferred a few gadgets and tools from the Control Panel to the Settings application or they have been released as UWP applications. So users and administrators of Windows systems are still looking for different functions between the "Settings" application and Control Panel, while Microsoft continues to make access to Control Panel more difficult.

But in the previous version of Windows 10 (April 2018 Update), the company added a new feature called Storage Sense. Basically, what Microsoft did then was to copy the functionality provided by the classic disk cleanup tool (cleanmgr.exe) into a new "Free Up Space Now" section in English, in the "Settings" application.

So if you are using the latest Windows 10 you can access the application from the application "Settings" in the path System - Storage.

So Disk Cleanup will continue to exist in the upcoming Windows 10, but the classic application will be removed from the system.

Note that Storage Sense is disabled by default, but can be enabled from the path mentioned above. The classic Windows disk cleaner was not the best, but it was built into the system and quite easy to use.

For this reason, there were too many who used third-party solutions such as CCleaner (note: just because we mention it does not mean we recommend it).


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