Microsoft earns millions from the FBI continuously

On March 21, was the first nationwide to publish the "under the table" agreement that exists between of the Redmond giant company and the FBI. The revelations were publicized after the document leaks from the Syrian Electronic Army. The published today a different look at the event, which was probably not surprising as we are almost all familiar with the publications that want the big technology companies to work closely with law enforcement. The site states: If the fact that the Microsoft winning millions of Android sold devices is surprising, what about million who earns annually by charging FBI;



Recently have come to light invoices of the company by Redmond, demonstrating the above.

The FBI pays small amounts for each case, from 50 to 100 dollars, but the cases are so many that the Windows company puts in its funds about one million every quarter, to give access to its user data.

Of course the protocols to be followed when documents are delivered to government agencies is very strict, the legal procedures that take place are time consuming and of course costing.

The company might have revealed the actions of the FBI, but this too could easily court proceedings to ask the company to deliver documents without any charge.

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So we understand it is one more compromise among them, rather than a financial support from the FBI to the company.

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