Microsoft Edge 110 allows you to see two tabs in one window

Microsoft is testing a new feature in its browser. Edge users in the Canary channel can enable the flag “Microsoft Edge Split Screen” and open two pages side by side in a browser window.

Of course, you can always use multiple Edge windows to view multiple pages at once. However, the operation Edge Split Screen it makes working with two pages much easier without dragging tabs and arranging windows. You can also resize split tabs and open links side by side.

It's not the first time that Microsoft allows opening two pages in one window. Edge's latest sidebar lets you add and pin websites for quick access.

The idea itself is not new, Vivaldi for example offers a more advanced version of this feature, allowing users to split a window into four tabs.

How to enable Microsoft Edge Split Screen:

Install Microsoft Edge Canary.
In the internal address edge://flags/#edge-split-screen set the flag to Enabled.
Restart the browser.edge

Open any web page and click the Split Screen button on the toolbar. The browser will open a new tab next to the current page.

edge split

Alternatively, right-click any link and select Open link in a separate window.
You can exit Split Screen by clicking the X button (this will close the page) or by pressing the “…” button selecting “View split screen pages in two tabs”. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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