Microsoft Edge 93 enable overlay scrollbars

The new Microsoft Edge 93 was released with support for two experimental features: a new menu design and modern scroll bars that match the Fluent style of Windows 11.

Microsoft has enabled support for Chrome tab groups, which is designed to help users easily find tabs so they can edit and manage them.
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Edge 0 now supports "start from where you left off" for PDF documents. Likewise, you can easily watch videos in picture-in-picture mode using a new toolbar that will appear if you hover your mouse pointer over a supported video. THE

The design of the vertical tabs has been updated with a new option located at the inner edge: // settings / appearance From there you can hide the title bar of the browser. In addition to these enhancements, Microsoft supports two new experimental features: Visual Updates for Windows 11 and New Scrollbar

The first flag activates the Mica effect, which is a new design technique exclusive to Windows 11 that automatically applies the desktop background color to the active window. The Mica effect only applies to the browser title bar.

It also allows the Fluent Design (partial transparency) acrylic effect for the Edge menu and context menus. Enabling the flag in Windows 11 will resize the menu fonts to make them appear slightly larger.

On the other hand, Overlay scrollbars are fully supported on both Windows 11 and Windows 10. The overlay scrollbar flag provides a subtle design for the default browser scrollbar and also supports dark mode.

To test these features, you will need the Edge 93 (fixed) or later. After updating to the latest version, open the Edge flag menu and enable the Windows 11 visual updates flag.

To try the new overlay scrollbars on Edge 93, open the Edge Properties tab and add the following code to the destination field:

edge ovr scr

–Enable-features = OverlayScrollbar, OverlayScrollbarWinStyle, OverlayScrollbarWinStyleAnimation The Best Technology Site in Greece
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