Microsoft Edge Removal from Windows 11

Did you know that Microsoft does not allow you to remove Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 in the conventional way? Below we will see how you can do this with a specific command using the system command line.

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The new Microsoft Edge Web Browser is built into Windows 11 and Windows 10. Here's to mention that Edge should not be removed or uninstalled from your system under any circumstances. However, there are many who are looking for ways to remove Microsoft Edge.

In Windows 11, there is a way to uninstall the Edge browser with a command that you can run from the command line. The same method works for removing Edge from Windows 10.

Clarification one. The following method will uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11, but will not change the browser that considers your system as default. You must first install a new browser, make it the default browser, and then move on.

Clarification two. You can not uninstall Microsoft Edge using standard methods. The process should be completed via the command line that should run in the appropriate folder.

So the first step is to find the right folder. Open File Explorer and follow the path:

cmd edge 11

C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ 101.0.1210.32 \ Installer

Note: The version number (101.0.1210.32) may be different on your system.

Copy the full path of the Installer to the Windows clipboard. We will use this path to direct the command prompt to the appropriate folder.

Type "cmd" in the Windows 11 search appliance and select the gadget from the search results, making sure to open it with administrator privileges (right click on the black icon and open as administrator).

Paste the following commands:

  • CD/
  • enter
  • cd Program Files \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ 101.0.1210.32 \ Installer
  • enter
cmd edge

At the end of this command line, the cmd.exe application should run in the Installer folder.

Type the following command, and press Enter to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11.

setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging --force-uninstall

To reinstall Microsoft Edge, look for the application in the Microsoft Store and install it on your computer from there.

Again, it is important to note that it is not necessary to remove Microsoft Edge from your device, nor is it recommended. Changing the default browser will have the same effect and will help you avoid possible unforeseen and adverse consequences. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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