Microsoft Edge Dev version (with Chromium)

Microsoft has released its weekly Chromium-based Microsoft Edge update to the Dev channel, bringing the browser to version

The new update brings a number of important fixes, such as fixing an error that causes Microsoft Edge to crash on startup.

Microsoft Edge

This vulnerability left the application in the Dev channel for a long time, as Microsoft discovered that the browser was not able to start on several devices after installing the update.

Today's update comes to solve this problem.

Additionally, update fixes a second crash that occurs when viewing settings in InPrivate mode, as well as an error that does not display the first boot screen if the user is not connected to the Internet.

New features of the application

First of all it should be mentioned that Microsoft changed the behavior of pinned websites when these pages are already open in the browser.

"By clicking on a shortcut to a pinned website, it will automatically select the tab that contains the shortcut site in case it is already open instead of opening a new tab each time," says Microsoft.

In other words, if a site is open on the Edge and you click on the icon of a pinned website on the same page, the new version of Edge will now show you its tab instead of opening a new tab.

Another new feature is in the browsing history that now displays the full URL of a site when the mouse clicks on the link.

You can read the full changelog for more information, but also download it new edition from the official website.




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