Microsoft Edge in the results even if you are looking for Firefox

Microsoft continues to try to persuade Windows 10 users to only use Microsoft Edge.

A of reddit recently revealed that Microsoft is trying to steer Windows users to its own program even if they search Firefox with Windows 10's built-in search feature.Microsoft Edge

As you can see in the picture below, searching Firefox on a Windows 10 computer shows Microsoft Edge as the first result, while Firefox, the application that fits perfectly with the search keyword, appears second.Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Microsoft is the "best match," search result.

Such tactics do not, of course, like users, especially those who have been using Mozilla's browser for years. Let's say that specifically for users, Microsoft's tactics will not be as effective as the company hopes.

However, statistics show that Microsoft Edge has a share just over 4%, while Google clearly ahead with 65%. This means that the majority of Windows 10 users do not use Edge and that Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred alternatives .

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