Microsoft's dirty gulf to promote Edge

Edge, Chrome or ; Η Microsoft φέρεται να δοκιμάζει μια νέα αλλαγή για την επερχόμενη έκδοση των . This particular change will annoy anyone using a browser other than Microsoft Edge.

Let's see why: The company he revealed ότι “θα αρχίσουμε να δοκιμάζουμε ένα νέο χαρακτηριστικό με το οποίο κάθε click σε που περιέχεται στην εφαρμογή Windows Mail θα ανοίγει στον Microsoft Edge.”Microsoft

This change means that even if you have set Chrome or Firefox as your default program on Windows 10, the company will ignore this and force you to see Edge when you click a link inside the Mail app.

Obviously this is a ridiculous change, similar to Microsoft forcing Cortana users to use the of Bing and open results in Microsoft Edge instead of the browsers set as default.

“As always, we look forward to feedback from our community,” says Dona Sarkar oft in a post on the company's blog.

I'm sure Microsoft won't be happy with them users for this completely unnecessary change. Let's just hope the company doesn't ignore them.

Microsoft is desperately trying to persuade Windows 10 users to switch from Chrome and Firefox to their own Edge browser.

The company even created a video to debunk Google's claims that Chrome offers more battery life of the device that uses it. Microsoft continues to use various other annoying ads within Windows 10 to promote Edge.

However, none of the above efforts seem to work, as Google Chrome is still the top desktop browser. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by giorgos

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  1. Do not Google on Android and Apple on MacOS & iOS do exactly the same thing? Can you open links from Apple applications or Siri search with something other than Safari?
    Google does not open Chrome through the links of the Play Store; Does not force you to search with Google search if you want to do voice search on Android?
    So why is Microsoft to blame for everything?

    Understand it! polyphony is competition and competition is good for consumers !!!

    • You are right, but how does this competition do me good, no matter what company it comes from when I want a browser that does not collect data for Google, Apple, Microsoft?

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