Microsoft Edge Smart Copy just released

Microsoft is testing a new feature called "Smart Copy" or "Smart Copy" on Chromium Edge to change the way copy and paste documents, emails, etc. work.

Microsoft Edge 83 progressively available. What it means;

Microsoft he had announced its future plans for the Chromium-based Edge browser and said it would develop vertical tabs (a feature that changes the horizontal tabs at the top of the browser to vertical), but also Smart Copy a new copy and paste experience that will convert links to plain text.

Unlike the new copy and paste experience Introduced by the company in Microsoft Edge last week, this new feature will allow you to copy a piece of a webpage and paste it into Windows applications without losing formatting.

With Smart Copy, you can copy a section of the webpage to your clipboard and paste it into Microsoft Word, OneNote, or other applications without losing formatting.

For example, you can copy a large table from a web page and paste it into the Word document exactly as it is. You can also copy images, text, links, and then paste them all together into the document without any change in format or order.

Smart Copy is now available on Microsoft Edge on the Canary Canal and you can access it using the shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + S.

It's no secret that Microsoft is trying to take advantage of Chrome's market share, so we may see a lot of features that Google's browser does not have.

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