Microsoft Edge Stable the first Release Candidate

Microsoft Edge Stable: Microsoft has just released a preview build for Chromium-based Edge on the Edge Insider site. The new release is closer to the final version of Microsoft Edge that will be officially released in January.

At today's Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference, Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Microsoft's Modern Life, Search and Devices division, said that Microsoft Edge will be officially released on 15 January 2020 and will support more than 90 languages ​​when released.Microsoft Edge Stable

With this preview build, Microsoft Edge Stable is currently in the 79.0.309.7 version and appears to be a release ahead of the current fixed version of Google Chrome, which is the 78 version.

Unlike Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, and Canary builds, installing the fixed version will completely replace the original Microsoft Edge. Therefore, try RC only if you really want to try the new Microsoft browser.

It should be noted that when Microsoft announced that it was developing a new Chromium-based browser, there were many who were concerned that Microsoft would further enhance Google.

While these arguments may stand, Microsoft has attempted to develop an optimized, stable version of the browser by integrating its own characteristics.

So the new Edge browser has new features that make it stand out from Google Chrome.

For example, Microsoft Edge has a feature called Collections. The new feature allows you to collect similar sites for a specific topic, and keep the information organized and easily accessible.

If you do a homework, you can create a collection of all the websites you want to be organized and easily accessible later.

The new Microsoft Edge will also feature the first Edge feature, called Windows Defender Application Guard.

This feature allows you to start a browser in a virtualized sandbox. This sandbox prevents the site from accessing the normal Windows environment and thus protects you from exploit kits, malware, and other unwanted activities.

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